Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yep, Apple Killed The CD Today

^^ Another dumb article alert, this time courtesy of TechCrunch. And I quote:

"Stop. Take a deep breath. Before my headline gets you all worked up, consider what I’m saying here. The CD and other optical discs, like DVDs and Blu-rays, are obviously going to live on for a while as a way to transport media. But make no mistake that today, with two unveilings, Apple has effectively sealed the fate of the optical disc in the computer industry. Soon, it will go the way of the floppy disk."

   What the writer is referring to is the unveiling today of the Mac App Store and Apple's decision to include a slim USB drive which contains the reinstallation files for the MacBook Air. Yep, these two moves by Apple has allowed the writer "MG Siegler" to declare that Apple has rung the death knell of the optical disc and pounded the nail into the coffin to boot

   Is it me or do these Apple fanboys attribute every major trend in the modern world to Apple? According to the fanboys, Jobs walks on water and human civilization wouldn't be where it is today if Apple had never been born out of that little garage in Los Altos. I love my iPhone and iPad but c'mon now with the vapid adulation. Firstly, the move to online software distribution has been going on since the first dot-com boom when Digital River was in my portfolio. Secondly, I guess the writer has never heard of Valve or Steam. No, MG Siegler, Apple didn't cause the revolution... they're just caught up in this big wave called evolution and are a part of it. Feh.

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