Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Microsoft is a dying consumer brand - CNN

   A new article by a writer named David Goldman on CNN states unequivocally that "Microsoft is a dying consumer brand." That's a statement. Not a question or a theoretical postulation. David Goldman knows for a fact that "Microsoft is a dying consumer brand."

   YAWN. Microsoft will be here in the next 100 years and they'll be like Con Edison or General Electric. Once a corporation grows to become a behemoth such as Microsoft, it's very, very difficult to kill. I've read articles about the demise of Apple (yes, really, fanboys), the death of IBM, the end of "_______" over the years and none of those have come to pass. How can Microsoft be a dying consumer brand when their software is on the majority of PCs running on the planet? PCs. You know, PERSONAL COMPUTERS which are used by PERSONS. Is the future really mobile devices and only mobile devices? Doubtful. The PC is here to stay just like dishwashers and toasters. Some things are just ingrained into the civilized human experience on this planet.

   Apple reinvented itself in the past few years and Microsoft will reinvent itself when the need arises. They're still making billions from continuing operations so the urgency for change probably won't come for at least another decade or so. In closing, the death knell of MSFT won't be rung for at least another century. At least.

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