Sunday, October 10, 2010

Article Directory Business

   The company I work for owns an article directory that's fairly popular. I don't administer the site but I do visit it occasionally to see what article spinners and promotional writers are doing to get traffic to their sites. Earlier this morning, I saw an article promoting Playstation 3 backups. There was no mention of the PS Groove, the Jailbreak, or any device and the writer was just trying to sell software that allowed game console owners to backup their games.

   The article directory business isn't particularly lucrative but the company I work for wanted a directory as one part of the business that we're building. We've purchased some other directories but Divine Writers is probably the biggest one that we own right now which gets about 1000 new article submissions every day including weekends. When I was browsing through the new submissions, I noticed one writer had spun 8 different articles about hemorrhoids and submitted them one after the other. I'm not going to begrudge a writer trying to make a living but c'mon now. My advice would be to split the submission of the hemorrhoids articles into one submission a day over the course of a week to spread them out. After the articles were submitted, a few hundred articles came in afterwards and knocked all of them off the front page.

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