Friday, October 15, 2010

Video Game Sounds and Music Excite Birds

   My company has three parakeets, a canary, and five lovebirds in the rec room where we play new video games every week when new arrivals are delivered. Since the birds are within listening range of what goes on in the rec room, they start singing, chirping, and screeching whenever they hear the music or sound effects from the games that we play.

   It's sorta funny because they'll normally be quiet and eat birdseed but once the music from a game like Castlevania Lords of Shadow or Medal of Honor plays, the canary will start singing and then the parakeets and lovebirds join in with their chirps and squawks. The canary can sing beautifully but the other birds can't hold a tune at all. They'll try their best to mimic the canary but they're limited to short shrieks and chirps rather than anything mellifluous. If you close your eyes and listen to the birds in our rec room, you might imagine yourself to be in a jungle off the western coast of Africa.

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