Saturday, October 9, 2010

Electronics Arts shares look attractive

   I sold my EA shares a few years ago but I've been buying them back again between $16 and $18. EA closed at $17.65 on Friday and I think they're a buy all the way up to $19. The strategy that I use to purchase shares in a position is as follows:

1) I determine an amount of shares that I want to own. In EA's case, my target quantity is 4000 shares.
2) When price reaches a level where I gauge the risk/reward proposition to be attractive, I enter a limit buy for 200-500 shares in each trade. For example, I started the position earlier this year by buying 200 shares at $17.
3) I bought shares all the way down to $16 but stopped when EA dropped to the $14-$15 area. Yes, I was feeling queasy when I saw prints that I didn't expect.
4) When EA recovered to $16+, I started buying again on strength. As it continued higher, I added shares above $16. I'm currently sitting on 2800 shares and I have another 1200 to buy before my position is full.

   Some may question why I didn't buy when EA was $15. Well, when shares drop below my comfort level, I won't sell my position but I won't add to it anymore because I don't know if the next price is going to be $13 or even $11. EA has been punished by the market and rightfully so for the moves and acquisitions they've made in the past couple of years.

   With the economy recovering in the next few years, I am willing to buy into EA now because they'll improve with the economy as more consumers return to their freespending ways. What's my target on EA? I think the highs of 2005 wouldn't be out of the question. That's when EA traded around $60 and I think there's at least one more split in EA when it reaches that level again within the next 5 years.

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