Sunday, October 31, 2010

Village Halloween Parade

   Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever see someone I recognize at the annual Village Halloween Parade but I never do. The disguises and costumes are too well-done and elaborate to pierce their intended veils. I'm headed down there later today with a girl I've been dating. Well, it's more of a physical thing than anything else but for the sake of her parents, we're dating and she's my sweetheart.

   Later today at 7PM, the 38th Annual Village Halloween Parade starts on the corner of Broome Street and 6th Avenue. The revelers will wind their way up to 16th Street where everyone mills around for a few moments before dispersing into private parties, gatherings, and dinner. We're going to dinner at a diner we always go to because they welcome costumed-freaks. Can you imagine going to Balthazar or Daniel dressed up as Spiderman or Black Widow? Well, maybe you can.

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