Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apple to acquire Netflix, Sony... and the World?!

   Apple is sitting on a cash hoard of over $50 billion dollars. That's about $5 after being converted into yen. Anywho, stories have been released lately speculating that Apple's going to be using some of that cash to make a major acquisition. This morning, the name "Sony" was mentioned and then "Netflix." What's next? IBM? Microsoft? Whirlpool? Yep, Whirlpool, the company that makes dishwashers. "That's Silly with a capital "S"," you say but no sillier than the guys who think that Apple's going to be making a play for (of all things) Sony. The Netflix possibility is a joke which I won't even consider.

   Okay, back to Sony. There is no way Apple will ever target Sony for acquisition. Apple has a corporate culture that is sort of like an closed enclave of likeminded warriors. Jobs is the messianic leader of these warriors and to attempt to integrate Sony's culture with Apple's culture is unthinkable. Repeat: unthinkable. It ain't gonna happen so I won't think about it any more. The fools who are spending time thinking about it are wasting their time. That's all. 

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