Friday, October 22, 2010

Pac-Man Grapefruit Photo

   When I was younger and learning about trading, money management, writing, and gaming from mentors, friends, and investors, I was also an artist. No, really, I was. I took a few art courses and convinced a few models to sit still for me for over 2 hours while I doodled their likenesses onto parchment.

   I was good but I never enjoyed 2D art. It was too one-dimensional. I tried sculpting figures in college but was never good at it so I gave that up. I do have appreciation for artists who are able to create works out of clay, stone, and in the case of today's Pac-Man photo, grapefruit.

   Pac-Man Grapefruit looks good and even has a weird tongue that protrudes outwards. Yes, I'm aware that Pac-Man in the original game didn't have a tongue but with all that fleshy pink grapefruit, the artist probably couldn't resist giving Pac a thick tongue.

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