Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Panasonic Gets Back into Gaming with the "Jungle"

   Panasonic's first crack at the gaming industry was the 3DO which never gained mass market momentum. The 3DO debuted way too early for its time and if it had been released a few years later, I think it would've fared much better than it did. The 3DO was launched at too high of a price point and it never convinced enough publishers to support the console with software.

   Panasonic's going to be giving gaming another go with a portable gaming device called the "Jungle" which sounds dumb but it might interest a few takers. The Jungle allows gamers to play MMORPGs and other online games... which you can already do with a laptop. I'll make a prediction right here and right now - the Jungle will be a major failure. My advice to Panasonic would be to cancel the Jungle right now. There's no specialization, no added value, and no market demand for the Jungle. Remember the N-Gage? That's the fate of the Jungle. Panasonic can send me $5,000 for my consulting fee which is cheap considering the fact that they're about to pour a few million into this POS.

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