Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An example of a poorly spun article

   Article spinning is the "art" of using a program to make 10-20 different versions of one article with which to spam the network of article databases and websites around the world. I normally don't find humor in spun articles but this one had me chuckling although I didn't reach the point of guffawing. The article was submitted to one of our article websites a few minutes ago.

The title of the article is as follows:

How To Correct Xbox 360 System Three-hundred-and-sixty Difficulties – Xbox 360 Ring Of Dying Fix

   In this article, the notorious "Red Ring of Death" has been re-christened, "Ring of Dying" which sounds kinda cool. I was dumb enough to continue reading and viewed the following words of wisdom:

Is your three hundred sixty obtaining video concerns or generating unusual noises?
Require an Xbox Ring of Death Resolve?
Xbox 360 problems usually are knowledgeable by as quite a few as 30- 50% of Xbox 360 users. What can you do? What precisely are your alternatives?

   The program that spun this article talks to me like Alan Greenspan or maybe Yoda from the Star Wars movies. I couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the article but you're welcome to try deciphering it by clicking the title of this post which'll bring you to the offending article.

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