Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Medal of Honor sells 1.5 million copies in under 1 week

   Remember the mediocre reviews granted to Medal of Honor last week which caused EA shares to sell off? Despite those mediocre reviews, EA nevertheless presold and sold 1.5 million copies of the game globally in under a week. Maybe no one reads reviews but the "mediocrity" of the game has apparently not caused a sales slump as so-called investors had feared. With the holiday season dead ahead, I'd estimate that EA will sell another 250,000-500,000 copies of the game before the end of the year. If the latter number is hit, EA would have booked roughly $100 million in revenue on the game - not bad.

   EA shares continue to sell off on the back of market weakness but I've been adding shares. I've decided to increase my position to a total of 5000 shares which I'll sit on like a rooster for the next 5 years. My position is currently at 4600 shares so I have another 400 to buy before I lock EA up and then concentrate on my Amazon position. 

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