Thursday, October 14, 2010

Babysitting Mama headed to Wii

   I don't have a Baby Mama yet because I'm not ready to be a pappy and I have a lot more lovin' to do. However, Wii owners will get to become Babysitting Mamas in December when the game is released in Japan. A baby plush is included with the game which gamers are supposed to insert the Wii Remote into - yes it sounds weird but it's part of the simulation portion of game.

   In Babysitting Mama, the baby plush is cradled and "fed" like a real baby. The publisher touts a total of 40 different activities that may be played to demonstrate baby interaction and nurturing. I'm not sure how well this thing is going to sell but it looks sorta dumb. Soon-to-be-mothers are one target demographic but I doubt teens girls are going to be into a game where the objective is taking care of a baby. Male gamers will avoid it like the plague. Who's left? Grandma gamers?

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