Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sony requests dismissal of Other OS suit

   Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) is calling for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed in April pertaining to the removal of the "Other OS" function from the Playstation 3 firmware. David Verner, the plaintiff, filed the suit arguing that Sony deceived PS3 customers when the Linux operating system or "Other OS" functionality was removed from the console with the firmware 3.21 update.

   Playstation 3 consoles with firmware 3.15 are still capable of "Other OS" functionality. I'm guessing that Sony's going to have their way with the dismissal. Ultimately, they're in control of the product that they sell and they have the right to patch/upgrade the firmware to mold and shape the way their product operates. I remember thinking to myself, "WTF are they doing?" when I read about Sony's "Other OS" plans. There was a Linux Kit for the PS2 that included a hard drive which sold relatively well and there was a dedicated fan base but what was the business sense of adding the capability of running Linux on the PS3? Remember, I'm looking at it from a business perspective. Not a hobbyist's perspective. I can understand the hobbyist's perspective perfectly but from a business standpoint, it made zero sense.

   Maybe Sony can do a Steve Jobs and text David Verner with, "Please leave us alone" and call it a day.

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