Monday, September 27, 2010

Fast Striker for Dreamcast

   I'll preface today's post by saying I'm not a big fan of NG:DEV Team's shooters. They look good but something's missing in the gameplay. I'm supposed to hype the game up to drum up preorders for my company but I'm not going to do that. NG:DEV's next game is going to sell based on its own merits and J-Sonoma isn't going to pump anything.

   Admittedly, the Youtube video that they uploaded looks pretty good but I'm going to reserve judgment until we get the game and put it to the test. The official website for the Fast Striker shows off a bunch of screenshots and the stages have that unique European visual style. I've seen it in old time European Commodore 64 games, Amiga games, and anyone remember the Atari ST? It's a distinctive visual style that I like but it might not suit gamers who are used to the clean and crisp lines of a shooter like Gradius Gaiden.

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