Friday, September 24, 2010

Jailbreak Clones Hit $10

   PS3 Jailbreak clones are being dumped into the market and they're $10 in bulk. That's cheaper than I thought they'd reach since my last price update but as of last night, the prices of the Atmel-based Jailbreak clones reached $10 if you buy in quantities of 200 pieces and up. The updated prices look like this:

Qty         Price
50pcs      US$15/pc
100pcs    US$12/pc
200pcs    US$10/pc

   In another week, I wouldn't be surprised if the biggest discount is $7.50 for 200+ pieces. This is what I would call a market in flux because the price is dropping so quickly from week to week. Eventually, the Jailbreak clones will reach a stable market price which I would assume is $5. From the original Jailbreak price of $160 to $5 in about a month. Is that a highly efficient market pricing mechanism or what?

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