Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hungry Ass Bear Chases Bison

   Wypyszinski says he likes to spend his free time in the morning snapping photos of wildlife in the park.
   It all started when he was driving in the Fountain Flats area, located between the Madison Junction and Old Faithful, when he heard an unusual sound.
But Wypyszinski says any noise is unusual on that particular highway at 7am.
"I thought it was a horse and carriage," said Wypyszinski. "That was the kind of noise that I heard." 
   Wypyszinski pulled out his camera quickly, thinking he was going to catch two moose racing down the highway.
He quickly learned he was mistaken.
   "I thought I was having a hallucination or something," said Wypyszinski. "I couldn't believe what that buffalo looked like." It was a bison, badly burned from an encounter with one of the numerous hot spots in Yellowstone National Park. A grizzly was chasing the buffalo (which was practically cooked already) and gaining quickly. Wypyszinski stopped his car on the desolate highway and took out his camera."I stood along the car as long as I thought it was safe."
The two beasts passed the man by without paying any notice.

   Cool story, bro. If the internet didn't exist, I'd never know about this story. A girl on one of the sites that we own posted it to some of her friends who shared it with us. A good writer could make a short story out of this and add more drama, an alternate ending, and maybe even introduce a fourth party to the chase. In the real world version of what happened however, the bison died afterwards and the bear didn't get a meaty meal. 

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