Monday, December 6, 2010

Tumblr Down

   The Tumblr platform is down and has been down all night. In fact, it's been down for nearly 16 hours as I'm posting this at 12:41PM EST. Try to access any Tumblr-hosted site and you'll be greeted with the following message:
We'll be back shortly.
We're working quickly to recover from an issue in one of our database clusters.  We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.

Update at 2:38PM EST: Still down.
Update at 3:54PM EST: Still down, which makes it 19 hours and counting.
Update at 5:15PM EST: 20 hours and not a peep. Can we make it to 24 hours?
Update at 6:35PM EST: 21 hours and Tumblr's own site is online. One of my blogs there is up but the archive is unaccessible. According to a recent Tumblr tweet, full service should be restored soon.

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