Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angry Birds is NOT the new Pac-Man

   I laugh at dumb writers. Laugh at 'em with the hearty fire of at least two suns. Here's one of them:

   Is there a single new mobile brand that has become as ubiquitous as fast as Angry Birds, the addictive little casual game that started on the iPhone and is now EVERYWHERE? We were wondering what a good analogy for Angry Birds might be, but Daring Fireball's John Gruber beat us to it on a recent episode of his "Talk Show" podcast. Angry Birds is the new Pac-Man.

   Pac-Man has been around for three decades. Angry Birds has been around for a year. One year. Let's hold off on the facile Pac-Man comparisons for at least another year, mmkay?
Oh, I get it though. John Gruber and Dan Frommer know about Pac-Man and maybe Donkey Kong because those are icons of gaming and I guess in their eyes, Pac-Man was the shit. Why not compare Angry Birds to Frogger? How about Kangaroo? At least those were animals... like Angry Birds.

   If you walk down any street in America and ask a random person about "Angry Birds," he'll look at you and say something like, "Well, I saw some pigeons that were pecking seed that looked kinda angry." No, Angry Birds is not "EVERYWHERE" as Dan so eloquently expresses himself.

   I also like it when a writer uses the word "We" and "Us" to refer to his own opinions and actions. I guess his thoughts and actions are by committee. Sigh. 

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