Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Legend of Zelda Historical Pins Collection

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 3, 2011
«©NCSX» The Zelda games by Shigeru Miyamoto have captivated children and adults alike for nearly three decades. That kind of staying power and devotion demands respect and merchandising. Takara Tomy pays homage to the Zelda franchise by announcing a collection of 16 pins who feature the game covers of every release in the Zelda library. Every one of them starting from the original Legend of Zeldafrom the Famicom (aka NES, stateside) to the recent remake of Ocarina of Timeon the Nintendo 3DS. It's a shame that Skyward Sword won't be included in the collection.

   The Zelda pins are normally sold randomly from gashapon dispensers in Japan which entails a lot of duplicate pins and knob spinning. However, to ease the burden of collecting all 16 pins in the collection, NCS is gathering them all up and selling them in a complete 16-pin pack. Pricing is set at US$68.90 from NCS. Reservations are welcome to ship in November 2011.

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