Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Are What You Eat?

   Mark Menjivar traveled throughout the United States over the past four years to discover what people kept in their refrigerators. Here are some samples of what he found - an annotation is included with each photo.

Street Advertiser, 1-Person Household, Lives on £265 fixed monthly income.

Midwife, 3-Person Household (including dog), First week after choosing to buy all local produce.

Defunct Amusement Park Owner, 1-Person Household , Former WWII Prisoner of War.

Bartender, 1-Person Household, Goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily.

Botanist, 1-Person Household, Feels more comfortable among flora and fauna of his era than people.

University Students, 3-Person Household, Drummer for death metal band.

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